List of projects I have worked on recently:

idospay logo


Fintech | Web Application

Idospay's mission is to help all small businesses suffering from low financial liquidity resulting from late payments. Idospay is building a network based on trust, meritocracy, and mutual commitment through a service based on open banking APIs.

alter logo


AI & ML | Web Application

Alter is an AI-powered mentor in an app-based chatbot who learns from your role models, past experiences, and favorite content to provide the ultimate personalized guidance for young adults.

posto logo

Posto Social

Social Network | Web Application

The healthy and fair social network for people who enjoy real life, looking for a more balanced experience with a high degree of quality in the content provided.

aiutiamoci logo

Let's help, Piacenza

Volunteering | Web Application

A Firebase-based template to quickly deploy a platform that connects volunteers and needy people in emergency situations. Initially developed for my hometown, Piacenza, for the Covid-19 emergency.

tvsion logo

TVsion App

TV Streaming | iOS Application

TVsion was the first Italian app to allow viewing of any free-to-air TV channel, reaching more than 200,000 downloads and the AppStore Top 100 for more than 12 months in a row.

ilpoggiarellocosmetici logo

Il Poggiarello cosmetici

Ecommerce | Website

A Wordpress-based website created to relaunch a local winery and support it in online sales.